TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION shows maximum diligence and sensitivity to process, protect, share and ensure the security of all the information and personal data by considering the principles of protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of all concerned persons whose personal data are processed under the Constitution, and the confidentiality and privacy of private life. This letter hereby has been issued to explicatively and transparently announce to the related persons that their personal data are being processed and protected in accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and the related legislation.

The members of the board of trustees, the members of the board of directors, students, parents, employees, suppliers, the persons who are in a business relationship with TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION, the persons who benefit from the school activities, the students who receive scholarship for their achievements or needs, the prospective students who applied to the school, the persons who made an employment application, and all the persons who share their personal data with the school physically or in a virtual environment, the persons who directly or indirectly share their data with the school verbally or in writing or those who made it possible that TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION can access to their personal data and all the relevant persons whose personal data are recorded in our school’s database are the personal data holders.

Within the scope of the Law. No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION collects, processes, retains, shares and protects all the personal data based on the below-mentioned principles in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data in its capacity as “Data Supervisor.”


PPD Law                   : Law on the Protection of Personal Data  

Explicit Consent      : Consent on a specific subject based on information and expressed with free will (The explicit consent is received from the related persons about any issue which is liable to the PPD Law.)

Data Supervisor       : The natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of personal data processing and who is responsible for the establishment and management of the data recording system. (The Data Supervisor is TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION located at Acarlar Mahallesi, 9. Cadde, No: 7, Beykoz/Istanbul.)

Personal Data           : Any kind of data belonging to a real person whose identity is known or can be determined. (name, surname, Turkish ID no, address, date of birth, place of birth, phone number, vehicle registration plate, health report, religion, IBAN no, etc.)

Related Person         : The real person whose personal data are processed. (Student, parent, board of trustees, board of directors, business partner, employee, prospective employee, etc.)

Data Handler             : The real or legal person who processes the data on behalf of the data supervisor by the authority granted by the data supervisor. (Vice-principals, human resources, accounting department, measurement-assessment, other related departments)


Your personal data cover any kind of information and document containing your private and personal information that you present to the school in writing and verbally and/or electronically when you register in the school, during and/or after the execution of our activities and all the personal data are stored in physical and computerized medium in accordance with the legislation. Your personal data are sensitive data and they are being protected very carefully.

Your personal data may be collected and processed within the framework of our school’s activities and events as required or obliged by the legal regulations to meet the legal requirements. In the context of processing, protecting and sharing the personal data in accordance with the PPD Law, the informed explicit consent of the Personal Data Holder is received in accordance with the legal regulation. The personal data may be collected and processed due to several legal reasons and purposes such as meeting the requirements of the contracts and laws completely and correctly, announcement, conference, panel, exhibition, charity sale, concert, membership, invitation, all sorts of sports and arts activities, domestic-overseas trips, competitions, donation and aid collection or donating and providing financial aid, scholarship transactions, statistical reasons, benefitting from aids and all similar information activities. In addition, it covers the information, service and information about other activities to be requested by related persons; complaints and feedback about complaints and job applications. The commercial e-mails are included in this scope as well; and your personal data for each entry you make into the school website/student info page with your username and password are also collected and processed.

Your personal data are processed by respecting the data processing terms and principles stipulated by law. The processing of personal data within the scope of the related laws covers all kinds of activities.


Your personal data may be shared with the business partners, shareholders, authorities, board of trustees, board of directors, related persons or legal persons who process and store the data, the real or legal persons that provide all kind of security service based on a confidentiality agreement and the authorized public institutions and organizations for School’s practices and for the execution of the policies of the human resources and other related departments by complying with the fundamental principles and rules of the Law No.6698 PPD and by considering the School’s activities and purposes. TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION does not share the personal data of the persons concerned in a way that contradicts the PPD Law.


The security of your personal data obtained by all means are provided by TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION in its capacity as the Data Supervisor and/or by the contracted firms or agencies we work with based on a confidentiality agreement by applying all kind of technical and administrative protection methods and by considering the technological possibilities and cost.


Your personal data of all kinds are kept for a period of time suitable for its purpose. When the purpose requiring the processing of your data in accordance with the Article 7/1 of the Law No. 6698 PPD disappears and/or the retention periods required by the laws expire, your personal data will be deleted, destroyed or anonymized by TED ISTANBUL COLLEGE FOUNDATION.


  1. Being Clearly Envisaged by Laws
  2. Actual Impossibility
  3. Necessity for the Establishment and Execution of the Contract
  4. Data Supervisor’s Obligation to Fulfil Its Legal Obligation
  5. Personal Data’s Being Made Public by the Related Person
  6. Data Processing’s Being an Obligation for the Establishment, Use or Protection of a Right
  7. Data Processing’s Being an Obligation for the Legitimate Interests of the Data Supervisor without Damaging the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the Related Person




You have the right to do the followings:

  1. To learn about whether your personal data are processed,
  2. To request information if your personal data were processed,
  3. To learn about the purpose of processing your personal data and if they are being used suitably for that purpose or not,
  4. To know about the third persons to whom your personal data are transferred in Turkey or abroad,
  5. To request the correction of your personal data if they were processed incompletely or incorrectly,
  6. To request the correction of the personal data in the event that they were processed incompletely or incorrectly and to request that the third persons to whom the personal data are transferred are also informed about this correction,
  7. To request the deletion or destruction of your personal data even though they were processed in accordance with the PPD Law and the other related laws in the event that the reasons requiring the processing of your personal data cease to exist and to request that the third persons to whom the personal data are transferred are also informed about it,
  8. To object to the emergence of a result against the person by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems,
  9. To claim the loss in the event that the personal data are damaged due to the illegal processing.

The correctness and up-to-date protection of the information/data you share is significant for the exercise of the data-related rights provided by the PPD Law and for the other related legislation. The responsibility arising from providing incorrect information totally belongs to you.

You may use your rights indicated in Article 11 of the PPD Law as of 07.10.2016, the effective date of the law.  The correctness of the information/data you share and their being conveyed correctly are important and it is a requirement so you may exercise your rights. The responsibility arising from providing false or incorrect information belongs to you. We reserve the right to request the expenses from you for the fulfillment of your requests in accordance with the tariff set out in Article 13 of the KVK Law titled Application to the Data Supervisor.

According to the paragraph 1 of the Article 13 of the PPD Law, if a personal data holder wishes to use any of the rights mentioned in Article 11, s/he may contact us via  tedistanbul.calisma@hs04.kep.tr kep address, tedistanbul@tedistanbul.k12.tr e-mail account or at TED İstanbul Koleji Acarlar Mahallesi, 9. Cadde, No: 7, Beykoz/İstanbul street address or by dialing our phone number 0216 485 0 333.

In addition, in case your application is rejected, the answer is found to be insufficient or the application is not responded in due time, you may file a complaint to the Board within thirty days beginning from the date of the reply you received from us as the data supervisor or, in any case, within sixty days beginning from the date of application.