1When was the Turkish Education Association founded? Who are its founders? What is the purpose of the Turkish Education Association?
Believing in the paramount importance of education for the modernization of Turkey, the Great Leader Atatürk called for the need for private enterprises in education sector to be able to reach the targeted level of education in his inauguration speech made at the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 1 November 1925, In line with this fundamental vision, the Turkish Education Society was established on 31 January 1928 under the leadership of Atatürk and the founders of the Republic of Turkey. The Turkish Educational Society was given the status of a Public Benefit Association by the decree of the Council of Ministers dated 12 December 1939. The Turkish Education Society has been named as the Turkish Educational Association (TED) since 1946.
2What do the crescent, stars and torch in your emblem mean?
Crescent: It is taken from the Turkish flag.
Torch: It reflects the purpose of our association as a symbol of education.
Stars: They symbolize the five members of the first board of directors who greatly contributed to the foundation and development of our association.
3When was TED Istanbul College Foundation established? Who are the founders?
Our foundation was established when many TED Ankara College graduates living in Istanbul came together to fly TED emblem in Istanbul as their shared dream and elected and assigned 12 founding members to this end, which makes it unique.
Aclan Acar
Doç. Dr. Ahmet Kurtaran
Prof. Dr. Erdal Poyrazoğlu
Engin Akçakoca
Akın Öngör
Ali Haydar Üstay
Prof. Dr. Hüveyda Başağa
Kâmil Özçoban
Münüre Leyla Üstel
Melih Çelet
Dr. Atom Damalı
Murat Dedeman
Our foundation has an elected Board of Trustees consisting of 40 members. The Foundation Board of Directors consist of the members elected by the Board of Trustees.
4What is the establishment purpose of TED Istanbul College Foundation?
In the light of the principles and reforms of Atatürk and taking the statement “a school of learners” as a starting point, our vision is to form an example as a leading educational institution that hallmarks individuals who, by their significant contributions, will be guiding role models for humanity.

From kindergarten through primary and secondary education, our aim is to promote students’ awareness of their social and national responsibility for upholding a democratic, secular republic; to empower their learning by encouraging intellectual exploration in the light of their uncovered individual interests and abilities. Always our aim is to be in touch with current thinking and latest educational development. Students will, therefore, acquire at least one foreign language and gain respect for the environment and awareness of the importance of their physical well-being. They will recognize the value of sports, music, and fine arts; have an international and intercultural perception of life; adopt universal values as they develop their qualifications academically for success in higher education and further.
5 What is your connection with other TED schools?
TED Istanbul College collaborates with the other TED schools based on the same principles and objectives under the body of the Turkish Education Association.
There can be institutional differences in practices among TED schools.
6Does your school have an Alumni Association?
TED Istanbul College Foundation Private High School gave its first class of graduates in the 2002-2003 academic year and TED Istanbul College Alumni Association launched its activities on 8th October 2003 named as TEDMED. TED Istanbul College Alumni Association aims to promote social solidarity among the graduates and to contribute to TED Istanbul College Foundation Schools, Turkish Education Association, and TED Istanbul College Sports Club.
For detailed information: https://www.tedmed.org.tr/
7What are the scholarship opportunities at TED Istanbul College Foundation?
  • Success Scholarship
    • For current students;
      The students who took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places at the end of the academic year in grades 4-5-6-7, prep class and in grades 9-10-11 are offered scholarships at varying proportions for only one year.

    The 8th graders who fall in the percentile determined by the Foundation Board of Directors according to their weighted grade point average in grades 5-6-7-8 are given scholarships. This scholarship is offered throughout their high school education. The scholarship is not awarded when the students’ year-end grade point average falls under 70 in the high school and when their Behavioral Grade decreases due to disciplinary punishment.

      • For New Students;
        When the students are admitted in the school due to high academic success, they can be awarded scholarship depending on the available scholarship quota for that school year.
    • Need Scholarship:
      • For the current students;

    The applications are announced and accepted by the Registrar’s Office in March every year.

    For new students;
    After the financial and administrative registration is completed, the application for the need scholarship is made to the Registrar’s Office. The applications are evaluated according to the available scholarship quota for the related school year.