The boarding school has been established to promote the academic activities provided by the school. Therefore, it is open during the time the students attend the academic activities in the school.

CAPACITY: Our boarding program, which is valid for high school students, has a student capacity of fifty-seven people. There are rooms for 3-4 people on the girls’ floors, and rooms for 3-4 people on the boys’ floors.

The students who may join the boarding school are determined according to the following criteria by priority order.

The children of the families who live abroad

The children of the families who live in hardship areas

The children of the families who live out of Istanbul

The children of the families who live in Kocaeli and in far districts of Istanbul

The children of the families who live in the European side of Istanbul

The children of the families who live in the Asian side of Istanbul


7-day boarding school program: The students included in the seven-day boarding school program stay in the school for seven days.

5-day boarding school program: The students included in the five-day boarding school program stay in the school for five days. They leave from the school on Fridays after the classes are over. They come back to the school on Sundays until 21.00 p.m. or on Mondays before the school starts (07.45 a.m. at the latest).

Staying on the Campus at the Weekends or on Holidays
The 5-day boarders: If there is a school event on the campus on Friday, Saturday or on holiday and if a 5-day boarder wishes to stay on the campus, his/her parent must send a letter of permission with signature before the event. If it is approved by the Boarding School Vice-Principal, the student may stay on the campus.

The Boarding School Administration reports to the High School Principal.

Boarding School Vice-Principal
Boarding School Supervisors
Boarding School Tutors
Boarding School Nurses

The Boarding School Student Union established to promote the life in the boarding school is elected from each grade level in the beginning of each school year. The union consists of the students who did not get a disciplinary punishment the previous year and whose grade point average is 70 and above.

Rules: The general approach in the dormitory is to avoid disturbing others and to respect others’ right to use the dormitory. Within this framework, the students are expected to respect the boarding school rules in addition to meeting the expectations included in the Ministry of Education Award and Disciplinary Regulation.
Leave of Absence Rules: The students may only be picked up from the school by their parents or by a person to be appointed by the parent. The students cannot leave from the dormitory without submitting a letter of permission.
Visitors: The visitors to come to the campus by getting permission from the Boarding School Vice-Principal in advance can be on the campus between 16.00 and 18.00 on weekdays and between 10.00 and 20.00 at the weekends.
Detention: Detention is a sanction imposed by the boarding school supervisors or tutors in case of the violation of the boarding school rules.
Use of the Campus Areas and Common Areas:


Music Rooms



Boarding School Cafeteria



Study Halls: Each boarder must attend the study hall program as a requirement of the school program. No study halls are provided at the weekends. The study halls begin within the first week of the school in both semesters and continue until the end of the semester. The study halls take place in the library in the high school building and in the boarding school study hall between 17.50 and 19.10. The study halls are supervised by a tutor. The students must attend the study halls. When necessary, the students are offered individual or group tutoring during the study halls.
Activities: Several trips and social and sports activities are organized under the supervision of the teachers in order to help the social and cultural development of the students, contribute to the boarding school spirit, introduce Istanbul and to motivate the students.
Timetable / Calendar: the boarding school life is based on a timetable and a calendar prepared parallel to the academic calendar of the school.
Boarding School Rules and Regulations Manual: The manual is provided to the students and parents in the beginning of the school year and it is like a guide explaining the boarding school life.