TED Istanbul College has two modern and well-equipped infirmaries where a certified doctor and two nurses –one in the kindergarten- deal with all illnesses and emergencies. A file is kept for each student to track their medical history and vaccinations. The students go through a medical checkup periodically and the parents are informed of any problems and missed vaccinations.
The faculty and students are provided information about general health issues and nutrition at the health seminars held in the school. The drivers and bus attendants are also given training on the actions to be taken in case of emergency situations which might occur in traffic.
The annually organized “Dental Festival” in the Kindergarten is intended to eliminate the fear of the dentist from young minds and to give students a dental checkup.
An eye scan is given to the students in the kindergarten and elementary school once a year. Trips to nearby medical institutions and seminars help to build and develop health awareness in children's young minds.