At TED Istanbul College, the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department (PCG) carries out its activities in personal, academic, and professional guidance areas for each student individually so the students can maximize their potential, think creatively, gain problem-solving and decision-making skills, and prepare themselves for a more productive future.  

In the Primary School, the PCG activities are carried out according to the students’ age and developmental characteristics. The students are provided activities to develop and support their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Mainly, the activities are intended to teach to respect the rules, build a sense of responsibility, anger management, problem solving, friendship relations, building self-confidence, and feelings of helpfulness. Also, activities intended to develop thinking skills are offered.  

In our institution, individual interviews are held with each student, class activities are organized, observation, values education and student union activities are organized. The students are provided guidance and they are monitored during the community service activities. The department also organizes seminars for students, teachers, and parents; and issues newsletters and articles to inform them.

In the primary school, the Learning Support Program (LSP) is offered to provide academic, behavioral, personal (social, emotional) and learning support. The students who develop and learn at different levels in academic, behavioral, personal, social, and emotional areas are involved in the program. The parents are informed about the planned and implemented activities.