To make sure that the students realize that the Mathematics is one of the most significant means invented by the human mind to understand and make sense of the universe,
To make the students realize the practical use of Mathematics,
To show that there can be more than one solution to a problem and to organize activities to help the students to question the ways of solution individually and as a group,
To apply effective, valid, and up-to-date instructional methods appropriate for the nature and content of the course,
To prepare academic activities tailored to the individual differences of the students,
To make sure that the students can interpret the cause-and-effect relations on various cases and facts,
Activities designed to teach both verbal expression and mathematical thinking skills,
To make sure that the students see the relation between mathematical (or abstract) thinking and language and that they can use the language effectively,
To keep up with the international programs and approaches that fit our philosophy of education and to use the most appropriate ones as we prepare our lessons,
To make sure that the students learn the mathematical concepts, see the relations among the concepts and that they can relate the concepts with other disciplines and transfer their learning accordingly,
To teach the students the skills of individual reasoning, analyzing, synthesizing, developing their own strategies and to create opportunities for them to practice these skills,
To make the students realize that they should be careful, attentive, patient, responsible and willing as they deal with the mathematical processes.