1What is the K12 program?

It is an academic program designed in integrity and with a cyclical approach to provide sufficient time to teach the fundamental skills and competences.
The students who receive education this way

  • Are prepared for the business life and future by gaining entrepreneurship skills; and
  • By following a complementary program beginning from the kindergarten, they gain life-long learning skills.
2What does a bilingual school mean?
A bilingual school is a school where the academic programs are designed and practiced to make sure that the students can use their mother tongue and a second language (in our school Turkish and English) so effectively in writing and speaking.
3What is the distribution of English class hours in your schools?

The program is bilingual.

Grades 1, 2, 3:

  • 12 hours a week.

Grade 4

  • 12 hours a week.

Middle School:

  • 12 hours a week in grade 5,
  • 10 hours a week in grade 6,
  • 9 hours a week in grades 7 and 8.
  • Some elective courses are taught in English.

High School:

  • 21 hours a week in the prep class,
  • 8 hours a week in grade 9,
  • 6 hours a week in grade 10,
  • 6 hours a week in grade 11,
  • 4 hours a week in grade 12.
  • In addition, some elective courses are taught in English.
  • Science and Mathematics courses are taught in English.
4What are your Elective Foreign Language courses and how many hours a week are they taught?

The foreign languages taught in our school: German, French, Spanish
Primary School:

  • Grades 1 and 2: Introductory courses are offered in 3 languages alternately. The introductory courses are intended to build awareness about different languages and cultures.
  • Grades 3 and 4: The students attend the elective foreign language course they chose for 3 hours a week.

Middle School:

  • Grades 5, 6, 7: 3 hours a week,
  • Grade 8: 2 hours a week,

High School:

  • High school prep class: 4 hours a week,
  • Grades 9 and 10: 3 hours a week,
Grades 11 and 12: 2 hours a week.
5 Do you offer international programs in your schools?

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Diploma / Certificate Program

    Advanced Placement, a program developed in the United States and spread all over the world from there, is implemented and recognized in more than 60 countries outside of the USA. The program, which has been in practice since 1955, is run by the College Board, which is also the practitioner of SAT exams. Advanced Placement, also known as the Advanced Placement Program, is a rigorous and comprehensive program that aims at excellence in education. The AP program consists of 38 different courses in 6 different disciplines.

    Advantages of Advanced Placement (AP) Program
    The students;
    • Gain much deeper knowledge about their area of interest,
    • Improve their writing and problem-solving skills,
    • Earn college credit in high school. The credit they earn are recognized by the overseas colleges and some local foundation universities.
    • Increase the possibility of receiving admittance from overseas colleges.
  • AP Capstone Diploma Program
    TED Istanbul College is one of the 1,800 schools around the world that offers the AP Capstone Diploma Program, which helps the students develop vital skills needed to succeed at college such as research, cooperation, and communication. The students who score 3 or more from “AP Seminar” and “AP Research” classes and from other four AP classes they chose are entitled to receive the AP Capstone Diploma™.
  • ABRSM The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (Royal Academy Program) is an international examination board which offers a gradual music exam system in 93 countries. In this system, every year, approximately 600.000 candidates attend the exams. Our school is ABRSM Istanbul Theoretical exam center where the theoretical exams are given in November and March every year. The certificates received at the end of the exams are recognized in many countries. The program gives the students motivation, inspiration, a feeling of achievement based on international criteria, an internationally recognized certificate, an authentic feeling of achievement, and the habit of regular and systematic working.
    The students involved in the program are provided after-school education once a week. The ABRSM education program lasts for 32 weeks throughout the academic year between September and June.

You may visit the International Programs website for detailed information.

6What are the sports branches taught in your school?
  • Sports skills and coordination
  • Gymnastics
  • Play and sports
  • Rhythm training
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Archery
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Athleticism (Functional exercise)
  • Dance
  • Football
  • Judo
  • Kids Yoga
  • Badminton


7What are the music branches taught in your school?

• Piano
• Violin
• Flute
• Percussions
• Saxophone
• Cello
• Guitar

8What are the visual arts branches taught in your school?

• Ceramics
• Marbling
• Art
• Sculpture

9What sort of activities are carried out in the Information Technologies and Software classes?
In the Information Technologies and Software classes, the followings are taught:

  • Office Programs,
  • Internet Security and Ethics,
  • Digital Citizenship,
  • Research and Presentation Techniques,
  • Multimedia Design, Programming,
  • 3 Dimension Design,
  • Mobil Application Development,
  • Electronic Circuit Programming,
  • Ardunio,
  • Coding,
  • Robotics and Maker activities.
10What is the Music Street?
It is the street where the music rooms are located, the live concert recordings are shown, and mini concerts are organized.
11What is the Arts Street?
It is an outdoor event area where the students’ art works are displayed.
12What are your traditional K-12 events?
  • Students’ Clubs Fair
  • Book Days
  • Winter Concert
  • Spring Concert
  • New Year Activities
  • TIUF- TED Istanbul National Forum
  • TEDIMUN- TED Istanbul MUN Conference
  • 1st Graders’ I Can Read and Write Event
  • Visual Arts Garden Fest
  • Spelling Bee Contest
  • English Fest
  • Mathematics and General Knowledge Quiz Show
  • Turkish-English Drama Club Performances
  • English Public Speaking Competition
  • Multilingual Fest
  • Seven Hills Istanbul Excursion Day
  • Sports Bull Sessions
  • Book Fairs
  • Turkish University Fairs
  • Overseas College Fairs
  • University Trips
  • Cambridge Exams Certificate Ceremony
  • ABRSM Exams Certificate Ceremony
  • Social Sciences Day
  • Sports General Knowledge Quiz Shows
  • Poetry Session
  • Professions Day
  • New Professions Day
  • Bull Sessions with Graduates
  • English Poetry Session
  • English Debate Competition
  • STEM Days
  • Student Unions Spring Fest
  • Exit to the Primary School Event
  • Exit to the Middle School Event
  • Exit to the High School Event
  • Music and Dance Night
  • Diploma Ceremony


13What is the student transfer procedure applied at TED schools?
According to the legislation of the Turkish Ministry of Education, the student transfer among the schools belonging to the same founder/foundation can be made directly to the first grade of the school to be attended if it is deemed appropriate by the institution.
14How many students are there in each classroom?

• There are 16 students in the pre-k group in the kindergarten and there are 20 students in the other levels.
• In the primary and middle schools, attention is paid to make sure that there are maximum 24 students in each classroom.  
• In the high school, attention is paid to make sure that there are maximum 25 students in each classroom.

15Do you have a program for preparing the students for the university exam?

Turkish University Entrance Exam Activities

• As part of the Career Planning activities, the preparation process needed to ensure that the students are admitted by the Turkish universities that they aim to attend are started in the prep year and the 9th grade.
• The interviews held with the students continue throughout the high school education.
• The students are provided counseling about the universities and departments that they should attend in Turkey in line with their career goals and what sort of university exam preparation process and methods they need.
• The parents are also given information so the students can achieve success.

Overseas College Counseling Activities
The High School Overseas College Counselor
• Provides guidance to the students who plan to continue their education abroad so they can join their targeted college and department.
• Involves the parents in this process of information.
• Provides guidance to the students so they spend their summer holiday more productively and choose the summer camps and summer schools that will facilitate the reception of admittance from the colleges.
• This counseling service is provided for free.

16From which Turkish and overseas colleges did you receive admittance?

Please click the link below to see the list of college admittances received in the last 10 years for those received in the 2018-2019 academic year.

University Achievements...

17Are the art classes taught in separate rooms?
The art classes are given on the Visual Arts floor where the art studios are located. These studios are equipped with all the needed materials including the ceramics furnaces.
18Are there separate playgrounds in the kindergarten and primary school?
In the kindergarten and primary school, there are both indoor and outdoor playgrounds.
19What is the rate of native teachers in your school?
30% of our teachers are native.
20What are your laboratory opportunities?
We have physics, chemistry, biology, computer, and 3D laboratories.
21What are your library opportunities?
We have two libraries (primary school and middle-high school).
22How many music rooms are there on the campus?
We have a total of 21 music rooms including 16 instrument, 4 music and 1 orchestra rooms.
23Do you have a dormitory?
We have a 90-person student dormitory for the high school students.
24Can you give information about the school hours?
The classes start at 08.15 on weekdays and end at 15.55 every day except for Fridays. The classes end at 13.30 on Fridays.
25How long are the breaks? Are the students supervised by teachers during break times in the kindergarten and primary school?

Kindergarten: There is no break time, you may find information about the detailed program from the link below: https://www.tedistanbul.k12.tr/content/anaokulu/egitim-programi.html

Primary School:
Breaks: 20 min.
Lunch break: 40 min.
The students are supervised by the duty teachers and classroom teachers during breaks.

Middle – High School:
Breaks: 5 / 10 min.
Lunch break: 40 min.
The students are supervised by the duty teachers.

26Do you offer any arts, sports activities, and courses at the weekends?
Sports and arts activities are offered at the weekends. ABRSM activities, TED Istanbul Sports Club’s football, basketball, volleyball, dance, gymnastics, judo, and tennis courses are given at the weekend.
28What are the advance payment, sibling, and TED discount rates?
The advance payment discount rate is announced when the tuition fees are announced. Sibling Discount (two siblings): %10 – 10% Sibling Discount (three siblings) 20% (The eldest sibling) – 10%-10% (The other two siblings) Sibling Discount (four siblings): 20%-20% (The eldest two siblings) -10%-10% (The other two siblings) Discount for TED graduate sibling (three graduates): 25% (The eldest sibling) -15%-15% (The other two siblings) TED Discount (10%): It is offered when the student’s mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather is a TED graduate. (One of the parents must have received diploma from a TED school to benefit from TED discount.) Discount for TED Istanbul College Graduate’s Sibling (10%): It is offered to the siblings of TED Istanbul College graduates who graduated from TED Istanbul College by completing at least the 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade at TED Istanbul College.
29Do you publish any periodicals?
Digital newspaper GAZETEDDY.