Social Studies


  • They understand the significance of being a citizen who loves his country and nation, knows, and use their rights, and fulfil their responsibilities as a Turkish Republic citizen.
  • They understand the significance and meaning of Atatürk’s principles and revolutions for the development of the Turkish Republic.
  • As free individuals, they become aware of their physical and emotional characteristics, their interests, requests, and abilities; and they respect other individuals’ differences.
  • They understand the importance of cultural elements in enabling people to live together.
  • They become aware of the significance of the laws which regulate the social life.
  • They know the rights they possess as a child.
  • They undertake the responsibility of their words and actions in family and school life.
  • They gain the ability to use knowledge in appropriate and various ways (maps, graphics, tables, sphere, timeline, etc.).
  • They understand the development process of the science and technology and its effects of the social life and they use the information and communication technologies consciously.
  • As responsible individuals, they display conscious consumer behaviors and they avoid wasting resources.
  • They know the natural assets, historical places, works and objects in their environment and in different areas of the country.
  • They know the geographic characteristics of their environment and accordingly, they become aware of the interaction between the people and natural environment.
  • They become aware of the natural environment and the limitedness of the resources and therefore, they try to protect the natural resources and have a sustainable understanding of environment within the framework of environmental responsiveness.
  • They define the geographical position of continents, oceans, and our country by using the position-related concepts.
  • They understand the relations of Turkey with its neighboring countries and they respect different cultures.
  • They read and interpret graphics.
  • As individuals who know how to access the correct and reliable information, they have critical thinking skill.
  • They are responsive towards the issues concerning their country and the world.
  • They believe in the importance of involvement and they suggest opinions to solve social problems.



  • The Social Studies course activities are planned based on the understanding by design model.
  • The plans involve activities and practices intended to develop creative thinking, communicating, researching, problem solving, decision making, using information technologies, using Turkish correctly and effectively, observing, and empathy skills.
  • The course activities are aimed to balance the knowledge and skills and they enable the students to interact with the environment by considering students’ individual differences.
  • Differentiation-based methods and strategies are used and activities enabling the students to display and improve their performance are carried out in the class.
  • During classes, the students are given the opportunity to learn by doing and experiencing through individual and group activities and the cooperative learning method.
  • With creative drama activities, the students learn and comprehend the subjects by feeling.
  • The subjects taught in the class are reinforced by making the students produce ideas about how to meet the needs about the issues that affect the society, having them transfer their ideas to the people around them, encouraging them to meet, discuss, plan, compromise, and take action about their ideas, and the homework is assigned to this end.
  • The works carried out throughout the week and homework are sent to the students via Google Classroom.


Throughout the year, the students’ performance is assessed based on the followings:

  • Submitting work and homework on time,
  • Active participation in the class,
  • Individual and group activities,
  • Performance tasks.
  • The grading will be done in the fourth grade according to the assessment activities to be provided based on the instructions to be issued by the Ministry of Education.