In addition to the Physical Education and Sports classes, the 1st graders are provided “Kids’ Yoga” for one hour a week.
Within the scope of the “Sports Education Model,” the 4th grades are introduced activities in different sports disciplines including athletics, volleyball, football, tennis, judo, gymnastics, table tennis, archery, basketball, and creative dance in three-week periods alternately.
The students’ sports course acquisitions and their physical fitness development (anthropometric and physical fitness tests are given) are tracked with a student tracking software program. The students are informed about their sports acquisitions and this information is used to refer the students to the sports teams. Furthermore, the “Athlete Students” to graduate from our high school are given a “Student Sports Portfolio” to be submitted to the Turkish/overseas colleges.
The students who play in the school/club teams or who compete in individual sports branches are provided special extra classes so they do not fall behind the academic program. A special system is applied for the exams. The students’ academic and sports performance are tracked simultaneously and the students are provided coaching about it. The “SUCCESSFUL STUDENT – SUCCESSFUL ATHLETE” project was created so these activities can be carried out based on a specific model and program.

Within the scope of this project, there are two indoor / outdoor tennis courts in international standards, two astro pitches, a creative dance hall, an indoor sports hall, an open basketball court, a fitness center, a theoretical information class, a judo hall, a gym, a table tennis hall, an archery hall, and dressing rooms for girls / boys on the campus. TED Istanbul College Sports Club building is located on the campus as well. The weekend sports activities and the domestic / international camps are organized by our sports club. Our School / Club joins sports competitions with 150 licensed athletes in 7 different branches at 21 different categories.