The most important function of the Science classes is to ensure that the students are raised as science-literate individuals. Science literacy refers to understanding the nature of science and the scientific information. The science-literate individuals suggest more concrete and rational solutions to the daily problems by using their scientific knowledge. Therefore, it is of great importance to teach science to the students in an effective and productive way. The laboratory practices are an inevitable part and the focus of Science education.

The Chemistry Laboratory is used by the high school and middle school students. The experiment preparations are made in the office located inside the laboratory. The chemistry laboratory is equipped with the advance technology, materials and devices needed to cover the Ministry of Education and AP academic programs. In addition to the technological features, utmost attention is paid to the safety and health measures in the laboratory and it is equipped with tools and materials enough to serve 27 students. In this laboratory, the students prepare for national and international competitions in addition to having classes.