Middle-High School
There are 2 Computer Laboratories equipped with 26 computers with the Internet connection and a projector and they are used by the middle and high school students. In these laboratories, the students are taught the Office Programs, Internet Safety and Ethics, Digital Citizenship, Research and Presentation Techniques, Multimedia Design, Programming, 3D Design, and Mobil Application Development. In addition, the necessary technical materials are brought into the laboratories to teach students about Electronic Circuit Programming, Arduino, Robotics and Maker activities.

Primary School
The “Junior Genius Lab” equipped with 27 computers with the Internet connection and a smart TV was designed based on the “Active Learning Center” model. In Information Technologies classes, the students learn about Information Technologies Literacy, Coding, 3D Design, Basic Electronics Information, Lego Robotics, and STEM in a fun environment. The students’ desks have been designed to make sure that both individual and group activities can be carried out.