• To establish schools that provide education in Turkish and foreign language and to open dormitories for students.
  • To raise well-qualified students in its schools.
  • To offer scholarship to the successful students in need of economic help nationwide and thus, to give them the opportunity to continue their education.
  • To create scientific platforms which will take the Turkish academic standards up to contemporary levels.
  • To build awareness in society about the problems of the education system and their solutions by carrying out research projects.
  • To have a say in designing the Turkish education policy.

As a prestigious non-governmental organization, the Turkish Education Association has a modern and proactive vision aimed at playing an effective role to activate civil initiative in education, to continue the academic activities from pre-school to the higher education in national and international levels, and to protect and improve the civilization values.
The Turkish Education Association provides experience-based learning opportunities with a student-centered approach. 

Educational Approach at the Turkish Education Association Schools
At the Turkish Education Association Schools,
• Individual differences are considered,
• The education is student-centered,
• The education is based on the national values,
• A universal approach is adopted,
• Foreign language education is deemed necessary,
• The students are provided environments that support academic, social and physical development,
• The academic programs designed specifically for TED are integrated with international practices,
• The education is based on positive discipline, it is dynamic and innovative.

As the most well-established and leading non-governmental organization in education, the Turkish Education Association is an institution which carried the “contribution of the civil initiative” beyond being a slogan only. Without sacrificing the principles of impartiality and being scientific, the Turkish Education Association suggests practicable solutions to the policy makers and governments, ensures that the activities they carry out are effectively followed, performs activities to inform and build awareness in society, and cooperates with other institutions as it executes authentic social responsibility projects. The Association constitutes a reference point in education sector with the scientific meetings, symposiums and conferences it organizes, the scientific platforms it creates, the researches it conducts and its scientific publications.

• To extend TED Schools to 81 provinces and to become the strongest private education institution in Turkey
• To maintain its position as the leader in education sector by designing world class high quality academic programs and with its exemplary practices
• To provide scholarship to 10 thousand students until they complete their higher education within the scope of the “Full Education Scholarship System” in order to maintain its leader position in Turkish education sector and to integrate the talented students with the society
• To be placed among the most prominent universities of the world by making a difference in higher education as it does in all the other areas it operates
• To have a say in international platforms by establishing academic cooperation
• To play an effective role in creating education policies to develop the Turkish education system