As the first non-governmental organization in education sector in Turkey, the Turkish Education Association was established with the name “Turkish Education Society” on 31 January 1928. While the war was continuing, our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk held the Education Council where he was developing the educational roadmap of the Republic. This roadmap included the development of education with the help of the society.

Thus, the founder of Republic lighted the torch of the Association with an aim to extend the education and enhance its quality and carry out academic activities in a period of struggle with all sorts of poverty and ignorance.

“… We are yet so far from meeting the general demand of making progress in science and education. For the next year, I request the greatest sacrifice to be made on behalf of the government from you and I strongly recommend the wealthy educate and raise the children under their protection with their private enterprise.”
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,
Turkish Grand National Assembly second term inauguration speech,
1 November 1925

In accordance with this fundamental vision, the Turkish Education Association was born on 31 January 1928 under the leadership of Atatürk and the founders of the Republic of Turkey. It gained the Public Benefit Association status with the Council of Ministers Decision dated 12 December 1939. Formerly named as the “Turkish Education Society,” the Association has successfully been operating under the name “Turkish Education Association” since 1946.

Founded as a result of the devoted efforts of the leading representatives of the Republic of Turkey and businessmen, the Society was given the Public Benefit Association status for its  national accomplishments in accordance with the Council of Ministers Decision dated 12 December 1939 and it has been called the “Turkish Education Association” since June 1946. The emblem of the Turkish Education Association was accepted as the official emblem of the association in March 1929. The crescent on the emblem was taken from the Turkish flag. The torch representing education, on the other hand, symbolizes the main purpose of our association. The stars are intended to eternalize the respect and love to the five founding members of the Board of Directors who contributed to the foundation and development of the Association.
The main purpose of the Association, which was stated as “The Society has no political purposes and it only aims to contribute to the education of the Turkish youth” in the first charter of the Association, is still valid today. The Turkish Education Association operates based on this principle to which it has remained loyal to so far.