In the light of the principles and reforms of Atatürk and taking the statement “a school of learners” as a starting point, our vision is to form an example as a leading educational institution that hallmarks individuals who, by their significant contributions, will be guiding role models for humanity.
From kindergarten through primary and secondary education our aim is to promote students’ awareness of their social and national responsibility for upholding a democratic, secular republic; to empower their learning by encouraging intellectual exploration in the light of their uncovered individual interests and abilities. Always our aim is to be in touch with current thinking and latest educational development. Students will, therefore, acquire at least one foreign language and gain respect for the environment and awareness of the importance of their physical well-being. They will recognize the value of sports, music, and fine arts; have an international and intercultural perception of life; adopt universal values as they develop their qualifications academically for success in higher education and further.

The Fundamental Management Principle; the institution is financially strong and does not need any external resources.

Donations can be received from the individuals and organizations whose identity and activities are investigated and approved by the Board of Directors.

It is a non-profit foundation.

The management control belongs to the employees.

One of its founding members is the Turkish Education Association.

The Foundation uses the generated revenue on the followings as stated on its master contract;

To award scholarships to the successful students in economic need,

To purchase the technologic equipment needed to practice the advanced instructional methods and techniques so the students can receive better education,

To provide a wide range of activities to raise the students’ social and cultural development level,

To provide in-service training to the academic and other staff so they can practice the most recent educational/instructional techniques in the world,

To make new and renewal investments for the safe, healthy, and regular functioning of the facilities.

On financial matters, it is audited by an internationally certified public accountant company on behalf of the board of directors every 3 months.

The activities of the institution are audited by an independent foundation auditor and a legal advisor on compliance with the foundation regulations, foundations law and other laws.

In order to ensure full occupational safety of students and employees; it is audited every month by an institution approved by independent and official institutions, and the audit reports are followed by the occupational safety board within the institution.

Each building and facility on the campus are inspected by an international organization so it can be a “hygiene school.”

The protection of the parent and student data is audited by a Law Consultancy firm.

The protection of the parents and student data on the network is audited by a technology firm once a year.

The food samples are controlled in an independent laboratory and the kitchen hygiene is audited by the School Hygiene Committee and an international firm.

For earthquakes and other natural disasters, “earthquake teams” have been built in the institution. All the facilities and the surrounding walls are examined every 2 years by an organization authorized by the ministry by receiving samples and the results of the examination are posted on the school website. The earthquake gathering areas have been identified and earthquake containers have food stocks and medical supplies which are replaced every 7 days. The parents and employees are obliged to comply with the earthquake regulation sent to them.

The school has a full-fledged infirmary in an independent building where a full-time doctor and 3 nurses work. In addition, there are first-aid certified employees and students in the institution.

The campus security is ensured by a special security firm and through night-vision cameras. For the security of the campus and students and as an institutional principle.

No one is allowed to enter the campus without an appointment and/or without the approval of the authorized person.
The students cannot leave the campus during school hours without permission.

Several community service activities are carried out in the school in cooperation with the national and international institutions with the participation of the students and employees.

Café and Catering: SARDUNYA
Transportation: EFATUR Transportation Services
Security: G4S Security Firm
Financial Audit: Birleşik Uzmanlar YMM A.Ş.
Legal Audit: Nalan Şişik Law Office
Protection of the Personal Data Audit: Nalan Şişik Law Office – TURCOM
Occupational Safety Audit: GLC Group
Earthquake Safety Audit: SAYGIN Engineering – Architecture Co. Ltd.
Service – Food – Cleaning and Water Safety Audit: DIVERSEY