The Human Resources policy of TED Istanbul College Foundation Private Schools has been designed to provide the human resources needed to realize the mission of the institution. In this context, the Human Resources policy is based on the following principles:

1)  To bring the managers who have a compatible vision with the institution and who can motivate their team to realize our goals and strategies with flexible and innovative approaches,

2) To ensure that the institution becomes the most preferred school for the well-qualified employees who share the targets and strategies of the institution,

3) To ensure employee satisfaction through proactive human resources practices and thus, to create an active, effective and motivated organization,

4) To encourage an innovative, liberal, and a flexible institutional culture with a multi-dimensional perspective and to instill this in each member,

5) To reflect the multi-dimensional perspective of the institution on all the human resources practices without any language, religious, racial, or sexual, etc. discrimination through an equal approach,

6) To make a difference in the sector in terms of personal development trainings provided to the employees, as well as the employee quality, satisfaction, and commitment,

7) To increase the right to decision of individuals through assistance, sharing, education and teamwork,

8) To provide fair and equal opportunities of personal development,

9) To make sure that the rules are respected by both the employer and employees so a harmonious work environment can be created,

10) To avoid discrimination; to make sure that the employees act in accordance with the laws and ethical rules and that they follow the rules of personal respect, working honestly and with commitment.