Nurgül Haseki

TED Istanbul College Foundation
Board of Trustees and Board of Directors President

As TED Istanbul College Foundation, in 1997, we set out to operate in the area of education in Istanbul with the members of the boards of trustees most of whom are TED Graduates under the guidance of our founders, who graduated from TED Ankara College and who were raised by undertaking the vision and mission identified under the light of the values and principles of the Turkish Education Association founded under the directive of our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ninety five years ago and the republic, and who undertook the responsibility of transferring these values and spirit to the next generations.

Today, after twenty five years from our establishment, we are proud and happy to see that our dreams came true thanks to the contributions and achievements of the distinguished administrators, teachers, employees, parents, students and more than thousand graduates of our schools founded in 1998.

We are aware that our primary duty is to provide an education which will contribute to raising happy individuals who add value to themselves, their society, world and humanity.

We pay attention to make sure that our students receive education in an environment where integrity and the adoption of universal and ethical values are fostered, their individual characteristics and differences are considered, they realize their core values and where their creative, innovative and entrepreneur aspects are promoted. We believe in the significance of supporting that our students’ academic, social, emotional and physical development in accordance with the spirit and dynamics of the time.
Bearing this in mind, we keep working to achieve the better and the truer in accordance with our objectives.