Art improves children’s creativity and the skills they gain through art education reflect on their academic success as well (Americans for the Arts). At TED Istanbul College, the aim of the Visual Arts Department is to provide high quality art education. The teachers closely monitor the students and constantly practice creative thinking in the class. Thus, the students’ aesthetics, mental and technical skills develop in theoretical and practical areas. With art education, the students become tolerant individuals who can think critically and empathize with people.

“You should do your hobbies passionately, one day your hobby may become your new business.” Sevinç Atabay

If you have a hobby, you can see your own limits and how well you can do something. The hobbies strengthen the social communication and help to produce creative solutions to the problems. With the club activities carried out in different branches of visual arts, we primarily aim to make sure that the students take up a hobby they enjoy.