The Measurement and Assessment Department structures and carries out the activities to assess the students’ academic performance in k-12 integrity.  

The aims of the department are as follows:

  • To measure the students’ performance in a reliable and objective way in accordance with the objectives of the academic programs,
  • To monitor the developments in students’ achievements,
  • To determine the learning difficulties and deficiencies,
  • To develop measurement tools that examine the high-level mental skills (problem solving, interpreting, relating, drawing conclusions, reasoning, etc.),
  • To adopt an approach based on making sure that the students realize what, how much and how they can learn,
  • To provide feedback to the school administrators, teachers, parents, and students about the process of learning according to the assessment results,
  • To provide support to the teachers during the process of UbD based plan designing and program development,
  • To create an institutional question bank, and homework, activity and UbD plan archive.

From kindergarten to the high school, the academic program, the process of instruction and the measurement and assessment planning are based on Understanding by Design-UbD. With the UbD-based unit plans that we prepare and apply;

  • We promote students’ individual differences.
  • We contribute to students’ permanent and deep learning.
  • Instead of transferring information based on one discipline, we make cross-curricular connections and try to give the students a holistic and different point of view.
  • We make sure that the students transfer their learning into real life rather than memorizing information.