EnvironmenTED Istanbul 2015

    EnvironmenTED is an annual, nature based, conference held in our high-school, TED Istanbul college.  EnvironmenTED is intended to encourage the secondary school students to put their learning in practice, be aware of the environmental issues, search for their reasons and produce suggestions for solution as a result of their investigations.

    The conference is also intended to remind us that the education is not limited to the classroom learning but it can be used in daily life to solve any problem. This year we are hosting the 5th conference. This year we have decided to tackle one of the most important topics of the 21st century, water and the pollution of it.   

    As the population of the world and industrialized countries continues to grow, water shortages will become more common. Some scientists believe that in fifty years’ time countries may be starting wars over water. Therefore now is the time for us to wake up and start making changes before it is too late. We are sure our participants will find great solutions for our problems concerning water and, again, we believe that EnvironmenTED  will be informative conference for everyone.   



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