EnvironmenTED Istanbul 2015

    On behalf of TED Istanbul College, we would like to warmly welcome you all to our fifth EnvironmenTED Istanbul conference. This year, in EnvironmenTED Istanbul 2015, our hope is to raise awareness to the importance of water in our daily life, the need to conserve it and to create solutions to make the 21st century’s environment better, more livable, than the 20th century’s environment. Secondly, our aim is to discuss the problems related to ‘’Water and The Future’’ and to carry out the conclusions that the committees will find during the conference.

     EnvironmenTED Istanbul 2015 will take place in TED Istanbul College on the following dates; 21-22-23-24 May 2015.

    High school students from all around Turkey and Europe will meet in our school. All together delegates will form eight committees of 13 and discuss their given topics. During our four-day conference, delegates will have the chance to meet new people and have fun while trying to form a resolution to their given topic. Each committee is led by two high school students known as; ‘’chairs’’. These ‘’chairs’’ are experienced in EYP conferences.

    On the first day we will have our opening ceremony. The opening ceremony consists of several speeches given by our board members, head organizers, editor and chairs. The day will end with a pizza party at our school. The second day we will have our orientation games, which will help delegates to get to know their peers. Later on we will start our committee activities and our committee activities will be continued the next day too. On the last day of our conference we will have the General Assembly (GA) and our closing ceremony. In the GA, committees will have the chance to defend their resolutions and at the same time debate on other committee’s resolutions. EnvironmenTED Istanbul will come to an end with our closing ceremony. In the closing ceremony we will watch our press team’s video, that summarizes our conference and we will listen to speeches given by our board members, editor and head organizers. There will be a newspaper printed daily by our ‘’journalists’’ and ‘’editor’’.

    It is compulsory to have a good understanding of English to join the conference.

EnvironmenTED Istanbul 2015 Committee Topics

logo RENA: What are the negative effects of climate change on water reserves and what can be done to remove these negative effects?
logo AWAR: What can we do to raise awareness to the unnecessary overconsumption of water?
logo WAPO: Given the fact that a million cubic meters of wastewater is produced every year, what can be done to recycle the wastewater?
logo POCO: What are the pros and cons of the use of sea water?
logo FREN: How can the needs of today's world be met with environment friendly solutions without polluting the water?
logo OVCO: What can be done to decrease the water consumption both in industrialized cities and developed countries?
logo WIND: What can be done to avoid the pollution and excessive use of water consumption during industrialization?
logo LOWA: Who should identify the local water policies and how?