As the Science Department of TED Istanbul College Foundation Private High School, this year we are organizing EnvironmenTED event for the fourth time on 9-10-11-12  May 2014. In addition to the schools from Istanbul, the schools from around Turkey and Europe are welcome as well.

The theme of EnvironmenTED Istanbul 2014 is the “Impacts of consumption on the environment, economy and social life.” The groups of participants are expected to observe the overconsumption trends and investigate their impacts on the environment by considering their connection with the economic and social life and to suggest solutions.
The groups can work on the theme by focusing on one of the following topics or another topic to be identified on their own.

  • Overconsumption depending on overpopulation and environmental degradation
  • Inequality of natural resources  and consumption
  • Overconsumption of technology and its effect on environment and climate change
  • Raw material prices, production and consumption
  • Automotive sector (political establishment on production, consumption) and environment
  • The effect of fashion industry on sustainable consumption
  • Well-being, quality of life and overusing the resource capacities of our planet
  • The sustainable consumption of energy
  • The advantages and disadvantages of advertisement on sustainable consumption
  • The positive and negative effects of credit cards  on overconsumption and its relation with environment

EnvironmenTED is intended to encourage the secondary school students to put their learning in practice, be aware of the environmental issues, search for their reasons and produce suggestions for solution as a result of their investigations. The workshop is also intended to remind the students that the education is not limited to the classroom learning but it can be used in daily life to solve any problem.

EnvironmenTED Istanbul 2014 will be attended by 10 students and 1(2) teacher from each school.

The applications will be made online via the link EnvironmenTED Istanbul - 2014 on our school website.



21.02.2014                        Deadline for the online applications

28.03.2014                        Submission of the summaries by the schools

21-25.04.2014                  Submission of presentations to TED Istanbul College by the schools

9-10-11-12.05.2014         EnvironmenTED Istanbul, 2014