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In addition to teaching the students the information, skills and values as planned in the curricula of the Ministry of Education, it is also significant that the students are offered the opportunity to benefit from the international programs according to their abilities and needs. The schools that are aware of the importance of instilling the vocational qualities in their students related to the future professions the students wish to adopt aim to make sure that the students benefit from the Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) programs as well.

  BTEC program is based on an understanding that adds a new perspective to the business administration and technology education and that improves the training on these fields. In this context, BTEC program is intended to develop the skills needed for higher education in the students, equip them with the competences required for their dream job and make them preferable individuals for the leading companies in the sector. This program, which is recognized by the universities in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia, (Yale University, Middlesex University, Colorado State University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Tampa, Ryerson University etc.) and many companies around the world, has been designed to meet the needs of both learners and employers by constantly being renovated and improved.

In this program;

BTEC programs are intended to instill the following skills in the students:
Research, Creative Thinking, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Individual Learning, Authentic Product Creation, Cooperation, Flexibility and Harmony, Planning, Presentation, Communication, Risk Taking, Self-Assessment Developing Work-Specific Skills

The BTEC courses to be offered in our School:

BTEC Social Media

7th grade

BTEC Mathematical Applications

7th grade

BTEC Applied Science

7th grade

BTEC Information Technology

7th grade

BTEC Business

7th grade

BTEC Art and Design

7th grade


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