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  • TED Istanbul College 2017-2018 AP Exam Results

    TED Istanbul College 2017-2018 Ap Exam Results...

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  • AP Exams Timetable And Deadlines

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  • The students who successfully completed the BTEC program received their certificates

    Our middle and High school students who successfully fulfilled the requirements of BTEC programs in 2017-2018 academic year received their international certificates.

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  • 15th July – 29th July 2018 "Hello Kreativcamp"

    The international exchange programs organization YFU’s short-term student exchange program ‘Hello Kreativcamp’ took place in Germany and Switzerland between 15 and 29th July 2018.

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Technological developments change the skills to be required from the workforce in the future. During the process of “Industry 4.0” in which the virtual and physical systems will be used together and the smart machines and artificial intelligence will be used for production, the competences and skills to be expected from the individuals differ rapidly.

Several studies put forth that the skills and competences people need to become successful and happy in their private and business life will be much more different in the next century than those expected in today’s world. There has been a swift from production to information and information services in developed economies. Many business leaders, politicians and educators agree that the students should possess 21st century skills to succeed in the next century.

Making sure that the young are prepared for the difficulties of the information society while ensuring that they make the most of developing technology require restructuring or updating the academic systems, curricula and teaching and learning methods. Furthermore, some skills are particularly necessary in order to gain a place in the increasingly multicultural society. More communication, sharing, use of information in solving complex problems, changing and adaption to be able to respond to new demands and changing conditions, producing new information, using technology to increase human capacity and productivity are considered as success.

The business world seeks human resources with creative knowledge and talents and they invest in such individuals. This movement compels individuals to increase their knowledge and abilities and to equip themselves with sociocultural aspects such as information technologies and foreign language skills. The definition of knowledge has evolved from declarative knowledge to procedural knowledge. In other words, people who know how, when and where they should use their knowledge will show a higher performance than those who have much knowledge. This can be achieved by giving the students different perspectives and by following different methods instead of overloading them with information. This can be achieved by teaching the students how to use the information they can find or access to anywhere in correct and appropriate ways. Academic conferences are organized, several activities are carried out and the curricula are reshaped to equip the students with these skills as the employees of the future.

The discussions on learning are not based on knowledge or skill in the 21st century; now they are focused on both knowledge-skill and talent-specialization. The research show that the learning occurs best in natural environment and with inner desire and motivation. The international programs we offer to our students give them the opportunity to learn about their area of interest and in accordance with their wishes and purposes in an inquiring manner. The AP and BTEC classes equip the students with future skills. The classes are intended to make sure that the students do not only acquire knowledge, but they also try to learn more, inquire and produce new information.


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